Premier Care specializes in creating car wipes that polish, disinfect and protect.

Premier Care manufactures a wide range of automotive wet wipes and specialty wipes for industrial users, in numerous categories, fabrics, formulations, and packages. Premier Care has developed the most advanced products for industrial users in different formats and industrial-strength formulations.




Why Choose Premier Care Industries' Expertise?

Your automotive and specialty wipes will be manufactured in the USA in our cGMP facilities with dedicated packaging suites under the strictest quality standards. All of our formulas are produced in-house with ingredients that will provide the performance you require for your car wipes.

Fast & Practical

At PCI, we understand that you seek quality and performance for your automotive wipes.

Whether it’s the latest in fabric development, packaging substrate, or a breakthrough in formulation we strive to make your consumer a returning customer.

Learn More About What Premier Care Industries Can Do for You

Backed by experience, industry knowledge, and technological advancements, Premier Care is where your vision and products come to life. Now is the time to partner with PCI.