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More and more consumers are looking to not only clean their homes but to disinfect and sanitize it at the same time. Our disinfectant wipes can be customized with or without a scented fragrance. We are EPA registered and will guide you through the regulation process for your label. We understand the consumer’s need to feel that their home is a haven from harmful bacteria and cold or flu viruses. Select products within our disinfecting portfolio meet the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.




Why Choose Premier Care Industries' Expertise?

Your disinfectant wipes will be manufactured in our EPA, as well as FDA-registered facilities, with dedicated packaging suites, adhering to the strictest cGMP quality standards. Looking for a natural alternative? PCI has you covered. We can make wipes free from artificial fragrances, dyes and harsh chemicals, while effectively wiping away everyday grime and dirt.

Durable & Powerful

At PCI, we understand that you seek reliability and effectiveness for your disinfecting or sanitizing wipes.

Whether it’s the latest in fabric development, packaging substrate, or a breakthrough in formulation we strive to make your consumer a returning customer.

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Backed by experience, industry knowledge, and technological advancements, Premier Care Industries is where your vision and products come to life. Now is the time to partner with PCI.