The Natural Difference

These ingredients are coupled with our biodegradable disposable wipes that are composed of 100% Plant-Based Fibers, derived from sustainable sources of wood pulp, cotton, and bamboo.

Standards change. We change.

Additionally, we offer flushable wipes that are compliant with the latest industry standards of flushability. All of our flushable wipes are made of 100% plant-based biodegradable fibers.

What was considered “natural” 20 years ago is not compliant or best for the environment today. We are continuously changing with the times, and with the wants and needs of our customers who demand the best and up-to-date natural alternatives.

Plant-Based Ingredients

Phosphate Free, Paraben Free, Alcohol-Free, Sulfate-Free Formulas

Plant-Based Fiber options from sustainable sources; such as, wood pulp, cotton and bamboo.

Biodegradable, renewable, recyclable cartons, trays and packaging options

Nature provides us with what we need for our products.

Whether using biodegradable packaging, renewable sources or plant-based ingredients, Premier Care Industries is ready with new ideas for a natural solution.